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Hay! Praise the Lord!

We are reaping in the blessings of the rain last year. We haven’t seen this in…

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Dress Up as a Movie Character Day

Just before our two week Easter break it was a fun dress up day! Our students (and…

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Trade Classes

Colegio Santa Marta has grown over the years in both number of students, buildings, and…

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Our Current Needs

The only reason Rancho Santa Marta exists is because of people like you who are willing to give… and we appreciate it so very much!

Monthly Giving Club

Be a blessing to the Ranch year-round! We need your support, both financially and with prayers. Our Monthly Giving Club is a tremendous opportunity to help the Ranch in a sustainable way. It takes a lot to run and maintain the Ranch. Your monthly commitment helps us get the job done!

One-Time Gift

There are so many challenges with running the Ranch, one is financial.  Many expenses are associated with caring for our 50 residents around the clock and operating a school for 200.  We trust God for His provision to sustain us.  We appreciate financial gifts of any size.  Thank you for your prayers and support.   Blessings!

Gym Materials

A very generous donation allowed us to construct the majority of a new covered gymnasium. This new space will give the kids a great place to play and recreate shielded from the hot sun! We are so thankful for the progress made so far, however we are in need of materials and supplies to finish. Our goal is $15,000 in donation or inkind gifts. Please pray for this project and the Lord’s provision. Blessings!

Everyday Needs List

Here is the list of some of the things the Ranch is currently in need of. We appreciate so very much your help in providing these seemingly ordinary items. They may not seem like a big deal, but they make a big difference to us here at the Ranch. Anything you can do will be warmly welcome!  Shampoo, Socks, Paper, Backpacks. Blessings!