Welcome Javier & Rafael

We feel honored to have 8-year-old Javier and 7-year-old Rafael in our elementary special education classroom. Javier’s mother came to us six weeks ago asking for help for her son who is deaf. Javier was rejected in all the schools in town. He lost his father three years ago. He is being raised by his mother who works in the field to have money for her and her small family. Javier has not been diagnosed by a specialist as to the severity of his deafness. Since he has joined our community, we have noticed that Javier does not hear at all. We are hoping to raise enough funds to send Javier and his mom to see a specialist in Tijuana, who can properly diagnose him. Javier is a happy young child who loves to learn. He is so grateful to come to school every day. He is learning to communicate in Spanish sign language and use visuals to help us understand what he needs.

Rafael came to us two weeks ago. His parents live 90 miles south of Santa Marta; they travel daily to bring Rafael to school. Their son is diagnosed as a child with Down Syndrome. This is Rafael’s fourth school in only 18 months. We hope we are able to meet his individual needs so he can stay with us. Both boys are a challenge yet such a true blessing to our community. We are thankful for their lives. Please keep them in your prayers as well as their families and each teacher that works with them.

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