Come on down to the Ranch!

Why visit the Ranch?

Our main focus is the children that God has brought to us both in the home and in the schools. This is a huge task and one that we cannot reach without help from others. We need to have partners who can share the vision of providing for these children at our home and students at our school. Without these partnerships we could not accomplish what we have purposed in our hearts to do.  Thank you for your interest in visiting the Ranch!

What kind of activities can we plan for the kids?

The children of the Ranch love to interact with the groups that visit.  Here are a few ideas:

  • Arts & Crafts – Home Depot-type wood craft, friendship bracelets, necklaces, drawing, painting, popsicle stick structures.
  • Games & Sports – soccer, kickball, volleyball, relay races.

Some groups have brought down equipment/supplies and organized a mini-carnival with different game booths.  The kids loved it!!

What kind of work projects can we expect?

Carpentry, masonry, concrete, painting, electrical, weeding, digging, cleaning, sewing, moving equipment/materials… there’s always something to do at the Ranch!

  • The Ranch Director will provide your group with a list of specific projects closer to your trip date(s).
  • We ask that groups do their best to provide some or all of the materials for the projects they will be doing.

Where will we sleep and eat?

We have facilities at the ranch to adequately house over seventy guests at one time including a full kitchen, meeting halls, dorm rooms with restrooms and showers.  Church and humanitarian groups are welcome to come and stay for a weekend or a week to interact with our children and students to develop relationships and encourage them.


Kitchen Pic

 The kitchen consists of one upright refrigerator, one chest freezer, two sink basins with commercial sink head. The stove has: one griddle, six gas burners and two ovens. There is a microwave oven, coffee maker, five slow cookers, and a variety of cooking equipment. For the full list click here…

Dorm House

Group Dorms

The three group dorms can house up to 18 people each and offer two showers, two toilets, and two sinks. The bunks are all two levels high.

Single Room Duplexes

Single Room Duplexes

We have three single room duplexes designed for married couples and their families. They include a queen bed, shower, and sink.

Fire Pit


The Fire Pit is an ideal place for group meetings, share circles, Bible studies, marshmallow roasts, or just a place to sing songs and connect with God.



Our 3-6 ft. deep pool can be available for groups to use.

Nearby Place to Eat

Mi Ranchito

Mi Ranchito is a restaurant just north of San Vicente, a few miles from the ranch. They offer a wide variety of Mexican food and drinks for a good price.

How do I plan a trip in 5 easy steps?

  1. Contact Rod to schedule dates at
  2. Promote the trip and organize registration.
  3. Conduct background checks on everyone in the group.  If your church/organization does not have a background check service, there are several online sites that you can use like:  Protect Ministry; AccufaxInstant Checkmate.  Make sure the background checks are for a federal or national crime database.
  4. Insure that everyone has a valid passport.  Apply at: US Passport
  5. Send copies of BACKGROUND CHECKS and PASSPORT PHOTOS of each group member to


Also, you should do the following in preparation for your visit:

  • Put a team together to spread the planning assignments.  Planning categories to think of include: registration, transportation, food, kids programs, work projects, spiritual growth, budget/finance.
  • Provide training to the group and review the Group Visit Handbook. You can also use the Prezi (presentation) to give your group a feel for the Ranch.
  • Prior to leaving, give at least two people in the States the following information:  1) the complete Roster of participants with copies of each persons passport;  2) the contact information for the Ranch (Rod’s email: and mobile phone for emergency use: 619.701.5921.

Trip Planning Resources

Team Leader Handbook (click here to download)

Supplemental Handbook

Groups in action at the Ranch!

How Groups are Helping Now!