Trade Classes

Colegio Santa Marta has grown over the years in both number of students, buildings, and in programs with the addition of a junior high and now plans for a high school. We are growing, but even with the addition of regular education students both in the elementary and junior high levels we have always been a school for special needs students. Colegio Santa Marta is a haven to children with learning disabilities. These students are what make Colegio Santa Marta so special. We offer them a school that accepts them and gives them hope. Three times a week, we teach the junior high students a technical trade where they will learn how to use their hands and their minds to accomplish tasks. Our girls are becoming proficient in sewing and have produced some very impressive handbags and dresses. Our boys are learning carpentry, electrical, mechanics, and masonry skills. The pictures below show Steve, Jeronimo and Rosalva teaching these trades to these special kids. Colegio Santa Marta is a very important place for these students and we are thankful we have the facilities and personnel to give them what they need. Blessings,  Rod & Tina



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