Rancho Santa Marta

Ensenada House Plans

Conceptual Photos

We have plans for our Ensenada house and the total cost will be $150,000 dollars. Most of the major projects at the ranch have come to a halt because of the Covid-19 pandemic and its’ interruption of our groups coming down, so we are hoping to hire a contractor to construct this house and have it ready by the end of the summer so our university students can have a place to stay while they study in Ensenada. Please pray for the Ensenada house funding.

We again thank Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church of Walnut Creek, CA for their kickoff amount of $75,000 dollars for this project, which is half of the project! Our cup is half FULL! May God bless them and all the rest who decide to give! Thank you.

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Happy Birthday Victor!

Everyone who has come and who will come to the ranch will have met or will meet Victor. He has been with us for over 30 years now and even has a house named after him, the Victor House. He just celebrated his 43rd birthday. We have been hearing about his birthday since back in March. He reminds everyone that May 22 is his big day. It is a very special day for Victor. His birthday is so special to him that one summer in his teenage years, he would tell every group that his birthday was that week. He celebrated many birthdays that summer before we caught on to what he was doing. He’s an awesome guy and we love Victor. Happy 43rd birthday Victor!

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