In case you are wondering, we are doing fine here at the ranch during this Coronavirus threat. The cases in our area have been few: three cases have been confirmed in Mexicali, a couple in Tijuana and there were thought to be some cases south of us in San Quintin, but it was a false alarm. Many churches in our town of San Vicente are not meeting and have gone to live streaming. Ensenada has a shortage of toilet paper, meat, water, wipes and other items that are deemed essential for the quarantine. The schools in the state of Baja California have been cancelled and the classes have gone online. This has also been the case for Colegio Santa Marta. We have no students coming to the school, but our teachers are working hard to send the assignments online.

They will not return to school until after Easter break, April 20th. This, of course, depends on the virus situation in our area at that time. Thank you for your prayers. We can feel the anxiousness in the air, but have not seen any cases in our immediate area thus far. We are expecting the virus to get closer and we have a quarantine plan in place. We have spoken to our staff, who come in every day, and have advised them to be very cautious of those they come in touch with in town and to keep a safe distance from those here at the ranch. Attached are a couple: one is Hector, a house parent at the ranch, reading to several of our ranch kids. The other is Rafael, our special education Down syndrome student working on an assignment with his mother. Enjoy!

Hector, a houseparent at the ranch, reading to several of our ranch children.
Rafael working on an assignment with his mother.