Backpacks and Moving Mountains

Living under a pandemic one never knows how God will move people to support the ranch. With the new school year beginning and with news of online teaching recurring, we did not figure on the surprise that North Coast Church of Carlsbad had in store for our children and students. They announced to us that they were going to have another backpack and school supplies drive for us. In the former years they would have a collection site at their church that would run for three weeks; this year because of social distancing measures, they opened up the church for a drive-through backpack drive that would last only three hours. Should we be surprised that God moved and they received more backpacks during those three hours then they had from previous years of three weeks! Our children already have their new backpacks filled with pencils and paper ready to take on this new online school year. Thank you so much North Coast Church for being a blessing during these unpredictable times!!

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Summer Festivities

Our summer groups have cancelled, but our Mexican friends are filling in the gap to spoil our kids. We have two ladies from San Quintin, a city 60 miles south of us, who have fallen in love with the children here and are dedicated to serve in whatever way. Last month they bought pizzas and made spaghetti for all the houses and this last Saturday they brought an ice shaving machine and fruit mix to make raspados (snow cones) for the kids. It’s a sure thing when food is involved! Thank you Melissa and Alejandra!!

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A Car for Teachers

It is time to think about the 2020-21 school year starting this coming August. It is our hope and prayer that we will be able to have students in the classrooms by the August starting date! Three of our teachers drive every day from the Ensenada area to our school and back to their homes. 

These are the very qualified teachers who have been with us for various years: 

Carmen has been our junior high literacy teacher for 6 years.

Viviana has been our history/geography junior high teacher for 4 years.

Jonathan has been our very talented art teacher for all grades for 4 years. 

They have transportation concerns for this coming year; it looks like they will not be able to make the trip to and from our school every day because of the lack of a vehicle even though they love their jobs and want to come. For the past three years they have been carpooling with another teacher in Colonet, a town south of us, but that situation will change leaving them without transportation. We thought we would ask our supporters for an economical four door sedan or compact car for their use. The car will be the ranch’s, but they will be responsible for insurance, gasoline, and repairs for their use during the school year. We do not want to lose these three teachers and so we are hoping we can help them out in this way. Please let us know if this is of interest to you. It would be awesome to share the good news that they would still be able to stay on as teachers at our school and continue to minister to their students.

If you would like to donate to this cause, you can contact us at (619) 258-1358, email us at or donate here.

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