Special Deliveries

Due to the pandemic, it has been difficult to buy bulk items for the ranch houses both in San Diego and in Ensenada, MX. Stores are limiting certain items in order to discourage hoarding and to allow these items to be available for more people. The problem we have and what stores do not understand (or other shoppers for that matter) is that we are buying groceries for over fifty people. We need certain items in bulk and some of those items are limited. Flour, rice, beans, and fish are some examples. Jim and Rhonda Bauer from Redding, CA asked how they could help in that situation and they were able to order items from both Costco and Walmart and have them delivered to our El Cajon office. From there we are able to transport the food to the Ranch. If you would like to join them in these special deliveries, send the items to our office with this name and address:

Bethesda Teaching Ministry 8000 Shir Mar Pl.
El Cajon, CA. 92021.

If you have any questions call our office at 619-258-1358. If possible, have the deliveries set up to arrive on weekdays. Our website has a complete list of food and other needs. Thank you for participating and thank you to Jim and Rhonda for initiating these care packages.

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Backpacks and Moving Mountains

Living under a pandemic one never knows how God will move people to support the ranch. With the new school year beginning and with news of online teaching recurring, we did not figure on the surprise that North Coast Church of Carlsbad had in store for our children and students. They announced to us that they were going to have another backpack and school supplies drive for us. In the former years they would have a collection site at their church that would run for three weeks; this year because of social distancing measures, they opened up the church for a drive-through backpack drive that would last only three hours. Should we be surprised that God moved and they received more backpacks during those three hours then they had from previous years of three weeks! Our children already have their new backpacks filled with pencils and paper ready to take on this new online school year. Thank you so much North Coast Church for being a blessing during these unpredictable times!!

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Día del Niño

After two weeks of Easter vacation, school began again on April 20th and just eight days later the kids thought they needed a break! Of course, because it’s the 30th of April, Día del Niño, a huge celebration in Mexico. And yes, we celebrated it! Julia and Rocio planned a hot dog bar-b-que for the children with games and a movie afterwards. The houses also celebrated with pizza and cupcakes.

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Congratulations Richi and Saida!

Congratulations Ricardo (Richi) and Saida!  They tied the knot here at the Santa Marta chapel last December.  Richi grew up here in the home since he was two years old and Saida also was with us for several years in the 90’s.  They met up in Ensenada and married there in the civil courts but wanted to have a church wedding ceremony at the ranch to celebrate their union.  They will return to Ensenada where they both are working.  Felicidades y bendiciones a Richi y Saida.

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Thank you, Hive Church 2020

Thank you, Hive Church, from the Corvalis, Oregon area for your sacrifice of spending Thanksgiving break and Thanksgiving Day here at the ranch.  We appreciate your love for this ministry: helping out on our projects and spending quality time with our ranch children.  You are part of the extended family.  

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Solar Update

The Santee Rotary Club along with Ensenada Rotarians have raised $32,070 of a $30,000 goal! Because of Rotary’s matching fund program, those funds will be more than doubled to allow us to invest in a solar system at the ranch. That is great news and we give the praise to God for this and the efforts of Allen Carlisle, member of the Santee Rotary club and his wife Becky who are avid supporters of our children at Rancho Santa Marta. There are a few infrastructure investments to be made at the ranch before we can begin laying out the solar panels but with those adjustments, we should be able to have solar power by summer time. Thank you for your contributions. This will help save at least 70% on our electrical consumption costs. Praise the Lord!!

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