February 15th of this year will mark the 40th year since the Ranch’s inauguration in 1981.

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There were few structures on the property; a house, a garage and of course, the famous line of hog pens that had been converted into dormitories, a kitchen for visiting groups and eventually the first classrooms of the special education school.

We know that there are many who have contributed to the success of these kids over the last four decades and there are many who are new to the Ranch. For some these pictures will be reminiscent and for others they will be a conversation topic when you come down to visit! We are truly grateful to everyone who supports us with their time, gifts, energy and prayers. Beginning February, we will post pictures and stories of the history of RSM on our website, Facebook and Instagram pages. Be sure to follow us so that you can see and hear how God has blessed us over the last 40 years.