Solar Installation Update

Solar power for Santa Marta has been on our agenda for many years now.  We would have some interest, some calls made but for one reason or the other the spark went out.  One of the major reasons is the initial upfront costs.  Solar panels, inverters and the labor to make it all happen is very expensive.  For those who have been reading our newsletter for the past year we have had a serious spark of interest from Santee Rotary under the guidance of Allen Carlisle.  That spark actually ignited a fire and things were spreading until we were doused with water with the denial of the international rotary funds.  But, after a write up in the newsletter, you responded to our need and we were able to overcome the overall cost of materials and labor for our solar system.  Thank you, Allen and Santee Rotary for initiating the spark and raising a big part of the funds.  We also thank everyone else who took part in coming up with the rest so we could finally put solar power on the ranch.  The solar panels and inverters are installed, and we are waiting for the power company to install the equipment on their end.  The inverters have a software program where it is possible to see the relationship of power produced by solar and the amount of energy we are pulling from the outside power company grid.  During the day we are actually producing more energy than we are using!  That is exciting.  We calculate in five years we will pay off the investment from our energy savings.  Praise the Lord!!

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