Meet Ruben

It is truly amazing how the Lord watches over His children at the Ranch. There are many potential areas that can cause harm to them. The pool, the playground area with the swings and monkey bars, the corrals and animals, the welding, mechanic and carpenter shops, etc. All of these are potentially life-threating areas and we do have these areas under lock and key and are prohibited for children without an adult but even so accidents happen. We did have an accident this summer but it happened away from the ranch at a beach excursion.

Ruben Ortiz needs to be under constant surveillance because of his disability. Martin and Emilia do a super job with him and are constantly helping him with daily chores and activities. They were at the beach, walking down a hill to get to the water when Ruben, very excited to get his feet wet, started to run. He went off the trail, tripped and being slow in reflexes, landed head first on some rocks. The impact was on his mouth and his lower and upper gums broke loose. He was taken to Ensenada but had to wait one day to have surgery. He definitely was a brave young man as he slurped his smoothies and waited for his swollen mouth to be fixed. He had a two-hour surgery and they were able to stitch together the gums but he did lose both upper and lower teeth. He is through the worst part but he will have to have some dental work to repair the damage that was done.

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