Thank you for praying for us…


  • Esperanza is doing well. The medication is doing it’s job because she has not had any seizures in the past two weeks. Her MRI scan showed NO lesions, tumors or anything abnormal. The doctor believes it could be hormonal. He has seen this happen to other teenage girls and through time the seizures go away. Continue to pray that God gives her peace!
  • Pray we are sensitive to the Holy Spirit as we make decisions for these children/teens/young adults.
  • Praise for those who support Rancho Santa Marta prayerfully and financially.



  • We are in need of house parents. We are hoping to have the Victor house ready sometime in May, but we need to find house parents to take the place of Martin and Emilia when they move over. We also need someone to cover for days off and vacations.
  • Pray for our finances. Colegio Santa Marta is known as a high quality school in the area and in order to maintain that quality we need to hire qualified teachers. Currently, we have 28 teachers on our payroll. Pray the Lord continues to bless this ministry with His resources. We are in a transition period at our office in El Cajon. We ask you to pray for Pamela Rivera and Norma that God gives them wisdom as they revise and improve the operations in our office.
  • Our main objective at Santa Marta is that these children, both in the home and students at school, understand that Jesus loves them and has a plan for their lives. Many of our children receive the Lord in their lives during their stay with us. Brenda is one of our teens and she is close to making that decision. Lift her up in prayer as she battles with the doubts inside.
  • Hector and Alejandra need spiritual support as they reach out to their boys in their home and care for their own two young children.