Pathways Community Church of Santee, CA 2016

Pathways Community Church visited the Ranch with a work group of 32 in late September.  They worked hardand accomplished much.  Included in their accomplishments was the donation and installation of kitchen cabinets for the new Victor House.  The cabinets were purchased with a $9,300 grant from the Santee-Lakeside Rotary Club.  In addition to the kitchen cabinets, the group worked on relocating bricks to the gym project, painting school buildings and the Victor House interior, sewing curtains for the school office, improving the sewer treatment plant.  While the group worked hard on projects, they also spent time organizing activities for the kids of the Ranch.  “Huge” soccer ball game, Home Depot wordworking crafts, facepainting, cross necklaces, moonsand and friendship bracelets.  We appreciate all that Pathways did for the Ranch! 

Pathways Community Church