Colegio Santa Marta…a place for bright futures.

Our school provides a safe learning environment for 240 kindergarten through 9th grade students. Our focus is on children with learning challenges. We believe every child has the opportunity to be in school and provided with all the tools necessary for learning. Whether it be a new math strategy, sign language or in depth counseling, it is our vision to help them flourish according to their abilities.

Beyond junior high, we continue to serve the children of our home, providing a house and staff in Ensenada, 75 miles away, where they can live while attending high school, trade programs or university. Occasionally a child in our home has severe developmental deficiencies that make them unable, as adults, to function safely in society. With no governmental programs available to address their situations, we have retained them as part of our campus family, giving them work assignments on the property appropriate for their capabilities.

A little more about our school…

Bus Stop

Our K-9 grade school has attracted widespread interest in the community and the surrounding region. We operate school bus service to nearby San Vicente as well as to communities as far as 20 miles away to the south. The opportunity for quality Christian education holds broad appeal in this rural area where the under-resourced public school system limits the potential of the students to achieve up to their capabilities, especially those requiring special educational support.   We have expanded rapidly to meet needs, and we currently have 300 students enrolled, including 35 of our own children.

New Jr. High

Our on-campus school achieved another major milestone in our vision of a comprehensive education program. In 2015 we completed construction and opened part of our new Junior High campus that will ultimately have a capacity of approximately 80 students.   This was achieved only a year after the Department of Education had granted separate accreditation for our Junior High program.

A light, open-air “quad”, spacious well-equipped classrooms, and science labs are just some of the features that make our school a source of pride for all of us — teachers, students, parents, volunteer teams, our staff construction workers and especially our generous donors.

Special Needs

Our school welcomes children with learning disabilities. The program began originally for our own children whose recovery from the damage of their devastating life experiences required skills and programs not available in the public schools. However, as our capability became known, requests from the surrounding community and from other children’s homes impelled us to open our school to the outside.  We are happy to serve in this way.