Pathways Community Church of Santee, CA

Pathways Community Church visited the Ranch with a work group of 32 in late September.  They worked hardand accomplished much.  Included in their accomplishments was the donation and installation of kitchen cabinets for the new Victor House.  The cabinets were purchased with a $9,300 grant from the Santee-Lakeside Rotary Club.  In addition to the kitchen cabinets, the group worked on relocating bricks to the gym project, painting school buildings and the Victor House interior, sewing curtains for the school office, improving the sewer treatment plant.  While the group worked hard on projects, they also spent time organizing activities for the kids of the Ranch.  “Huge” soccer ball game, Home Depot wordworking crafts, facepainting, cross necklaces, moonsand and friendship bracelets.  We appreciate all that Pathways did for the Ranch!

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Annual Technical Trade School

For over thirty years Rancho Santa Marta has hosted a two-week summer trade school for teenagers from orphanages all over the Baja California state. They come from Tijuana, Mexicali, Ensenada and San Quintin to learn different trades such as welding, sewing, basic computer, first aid, carpentry, mechanics, art and typing. Currently the organization and funding is from a church in Ensenada who supply cooks, teachers and counselors. We have an open invitation for anyone who is interested in giving of their time and talent to teach these teenagers these trades. Come and join us next summer 2017!

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Baja Beach Bash

Cameron Steele and Johnny Campbell are big names in the Baja Score1000 racing circuit. Cameron Steele races a trophy truck and Johnny Campbell won the race 11 times on a Honda motorcycle. Cameron’s father is a friend of Bill Lawrence and has been a supporter of the ministry for many years. Because of that relationship Cameron has been a “conduit” of fund raising and awareness for Santa Marta. He and Johnny Campbell now are on their 8th Baja Beach Bash run where they lead 40 – 50 motorcycle riders around the Baja California terrain.

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Meet Ruben

It is truly amazing how the Lord watches over His children at the Ranch. There are many potential areas that can cause harm to them. The pool, the playground area with the swings and monkey bars, the corrals and animals, the welding, mechanic and carpenter shops, etc. All of these are potentially life-threating areas and we do have these areas under lock and key and are prohibited for children without an adult but even so accidents happen. We did have an accident this summer but it happened away from the ranch at a beach excursion.

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Kitchen Equipment

Tables and Chairs

  • 14x Tables 72”x30”
  • 8x Tables 96”x30”
  • 88x Folding chairs

Refrigerator and freezer

  • 1x Upright refrigerator 57”x36”x24” 
  • 1x Chest freezer 28”x36”x16” 


  • 2x sink basins 
  • 1 x commercial sink head


  • 1x griddle 23”x20” 
  • 6x gas burners
  • 2x ovens 14”x26”x21”

Other Kitchen Appliances

  • 1x microwave 
  • 1x 4-slot toaster
  • 1x Coffee maker
  • 1x 8 cup/1.5liter rice maker 
  • 1x hot water heater
  • 4x hot liquid holders 
  • 1x large hot liquid holder
  • 1x 5-gallon beverage jar
  • 2x large slow cookers
  • 3x small slow cookers
  • 1x hand mixer

Kitchen Cookware and Bakeware

  • Various sizes of mixing bowls
  • Various sizes of strainers
  • 4x extra large baking sheets
  • 4x medium baking sheets
  • 2x large serving pan
  • 2x medium serving pan
  • 2x small serving pan
  • 6x large cutting boards
  • 10x small cutting boards
  • 6x large frying pans
  • 4x medium frying pans
  • 4x small frying pans
  • 2x soup pots
  • 4x large pots
  • 2x extra wide pots
  • 1x medium pot
  • 4x small pots
  • (Very few lids, sorry)
  • 2x water coolers
  • 3x dish drying racks


  • 40x meal plates
  • 17x bowls
  • 62x small plates
  • 79x small bowls
  • 34x mugs
  • 30x spoons
  • 100+ butter knives
  • 40x forks

Kitchen Utensils

  • 3x cheese graters 
  • 7x ladles 
  • 9x slotted spoons
  • 6x metal serving spoons
  • 8x plastic spoons 
  • 4x wooden spoons
  • 2x sieves 
  • 3x whisks
  • 6x serving tongs
  • 4x griddle spatulas 
  • 2x small spatulas
  • 8x large rubber spatulas
  • 5x small rubber spatulas
  • 2x mashers
  • 3x grilling forks
  • 2x rolling pins
  • 4x apple slicer
  • 3x can opener
  • 3x ice cream scooper
  • 3x funnel
  • 1x meat tenderizer 
  • 1x vegetable peeler
  • 1x baster
  • 1x meat thermometer
  • 3x soda bottle opener
  • 1x lime squeezer
  • Assorted cup measurements 
  • 4x sets of measuring spoons
  • 2x ice machine scoops (please use in ice machine only to keep ice sterile)
  • Various assortment of knives
  • 2x pizza knives

Grill equipment

  • 11x assorted grill spatulas
  • 6x grill tongs
  • 30x skewers
  • 1x charcoal chimney 
  • Various grill brushes

Cleaning Equipment

  • 1x Mop bucket 
  • 1x Mop 
  • 2x Broom and dust pan  


  • 1x Piano
  • 1x White Board 84″x48″ (markers not provided)
  • 3x Ceiling Fans
  • 1x AED
  • 2x Fire extinguisher
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