Baja Beach Bash 2016

Cameron Steele and Johnny Campbell are big names in the Baja Score1000 racing circuit. Cameron Steele races a trophy truck and Johnny Campbell won the race 11 times on a Honda motorcycle. Cameron’s father is a friend of Bill Lawrence and has been a supporter of the ministry for many years. Because of that relationship Cameron has been a “conduit” of fund raising and awareness for Santa Marta. He and Johnny Campbell now are on their 8th Baja Beach Bash run where they lead 40 – 50 motorcycle riders around the Baja California terrain.

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Kitchen Equipment

Tables and Chairs

  • 14x Tables 72”x30”
  • 8x Tables 96”x30”
  • 88x Folding chairs

Refrigerator and freezer

  • 1x Upright refrigerator 57”x36”x24” 
  • 1x Chest freezer 28”x36”x16” 


  • 2x sink basins 
  • 1 x commercial sink head


  • 1x griddle 23”x20” 
  • 6x gas burners
  • 2x ovens 14”x26”x21”

Other Kitchen Appliances

  • 1x microwave 
  • 1x 4-slot toaster
  • 1x Coffee maker
  • 1x 8 cup/1.5liter rice maker 
  • 1x hot water heater
  • 4x hot liquid holders 
  • 1x large hot liquid holder
  • 1x 5-gallon beverage jar
  • 2x large slow cookers
  • 3x small slow cookers
  • 1x hand mixer

Kitchen Cookware and Bakeware

  • Various sizes of mixing bowls
  • Various sizes of strainers
  • 4x extra large baking sheets
  • 4x medium baking sheets
  • 2x large serving pan
  • 2x medium serving pan
  • 2x small serving pan
  • 6x large cutting boards
  • 10x small cutting boards
  • 6x large frying pans
  • 4x medium frying pans
  • 4x small frying pans
  • 2x soup pots
  • 4x large pots
  • 2x extra wide pots
  • 1x medium pot
  • 4x small pots
  • (Very few lids, sorry)
  • 2x water coolers
  • 3x dish drying racks


  • 40x meal plates
  • 17x bowls
  • 62x small plates
  • 79x small bowls
  • 34x mugs
  • 30x spoons
  • 100+ butter knives
  • 40x forks

Kitchen Utensils

  • 3x cheese graters 
  • 7x ladles 
  • 9x slotted spoons
  • 6x metal serving spoons
  • 8x plastic spoons 
  • 4x wooden spoons
  • 2x sieves 
  • 3x whisks
  • 6x serving tongs
  • 4x griddle spatulas 
  • 2x small spatulas
  • 8x large rubber spatulas
  • 5x small rubber spatulas
  • 2x mashers
  • 3x grilling forks
  • 2x rolling pins
  • 4x apple slicer
  • 3x can opener
  • 3x ice cream scooper
  • 3x funnel
  • 1x meat tenderizer 
  • 1x vegetable peeler
  • 1x baster
  • 1x meat thermometer
  • 3x soda bottle opener
  • 1x lime squeezer
  • Assorted cup measurements 
  • 4x sets of measuring spoons
  • 2x ice machine scoops (please use in ice machine only to keep ice sterile)
  • Various assortment of knives
  • 2x pizza knives

Grill equipment

  • 11x assorted grill spatulas
  • 6x grill tongs
  • 30x skewers
  • 1x charcoal chimney 
  • Various grill brushes

Cleaning Equipment

  • 1x Mop bucket 
  • 1x Mop 
  • 2x Broom and dust pan  


  • 1x Piano
  • 1x White Board 84″x48″ (markers not provided)
  • 3x Ceiling Fans
  • 1x AED
  • 2x Fire extinguisher
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