Modesto Crew

This is how our trades classroom is looking right now. Thanks for our Modesto crew we were able to get the walls and roof up. This will be the main focus for our spring and summer groups since we need them to be operational by July for our two-week trade school program. Once the building is finished then the baking classroom needs to be outfitted with a refrigerator, oven and kitchen cabinets. The beauty salon classroom will need wash hair tubs, sinks, mirrors and cabinets for the many teaching stations. The other two classrooms will be used for masonry skills and electrical classes. If you have access to some of these interior items, please contact our office for pick up or delivery instructions.

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Snow in Mexico?!?

We are so fortunate to live thirty minutes from the beach and three hours to the highest peak in Baja California, Picacho del Diablo in the Sierras de Baja California.  Our teenagers and young adults had the opportunity to drive to the sierras and enjoy the deep snow where they slipped and sledded and threw snowballs and made snow angels and got cold!!  What fun to be able to enjoy the beauty of the mountains so close to our home in Baja.  Praise the Lord.  

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Media Center Proposal

Our media center will be a building that will cover the same area as our gymnasium and will contain four classrooms: an art room, music room, computer room and a much-needed faculty meeting room along with a huge open area for a media/reading/library center for our students and families to use as both a resource for investigations and for casual reading and studying.  The floor plan has been developed and the picture below will give an idea of how it will look on the outside.  It is still in the planning stage so there will be changes but we move ahead in prayer and wise counsel as we present this huge project.  Be in prayer for this media center.  This type of project can only move forward with His divine provision. 

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Congratulations Richi and Saida!

Congratulations Ricardo (Richi) and Saida!  They tied the knot here at the Santa Marta chapel last December.  Richi grew up here in the home since he was two years old and Saida also was with us for several years in the 90’s.  They met up in Ensenada and married there in the civil courts but wanted to have a church wedding ceremony at the ranch to celebrate their union.  They will return to Ensenada where they both are working.  Felicidades y bendiciones a Richi y Saida.

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Thank you, Hive Church 2020

Thank you, Hive Church, from the Corvalis, Oregon area for your sacrifice of spending Thanksgiving break and Thanksgiving Day here at the ranch.  We appreciate your love for this ministry: helping out on our projects and spending quality time with our ranch children.  You are part of the extended family.  

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Feliz Año Nuevo! 2020

We hope you are having a wonderful New Year Celebration.  New Years is a time of reflection of what has been accomplished last year and a time of goal setting for the coming new year.  What was accomplished in 2019 at Rancho Santa Marta?

1. Solar panels have been installed!  We have been planning and waiting for God’s timing in this and it has been realized this last fall.  Read more…

2. Colegio Santa Marta is now complete from Kindergarten to seniors in high school.

3. Our vacant house has been opened for our older girls, Cassandra, Elsa and Lupita giving us five operating homes for children.

4. Eight teachers completed their online college courses and graduated in August. Read more…

5. Three of our young men, Saul, Alejandro and Agustin, have left the ranch and are self-sufficient in San Vicente and Ensenada.

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Valeria and Lidia

Sisters, Valeria (Left,11) and Lidia (Right,9), are our newest additions to our family.  They come from Ensenada and have been in the orphanage system for two years.  They are living with Juanita and her girls.  It is our hope that they settle in and find their home here at Santa Marta.  All these children have to deal with their pains of separation or abandonment from their families and these two sisters are no exception.  Pray they assimilate quickly and find the peace that only Jesus can give them.  Thank you.  

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Traditional Mexican Christmas Program

We were rained out of our November parade last year, so the teachers decided to have a Christmas program for the parents and a tamale and champurrado sale afterwards.  How could it not be a success with their cowboy outfits and adelita dresses! The Christmas spirit filled the gym with songs and dances.  The students performed with high energy knowing that they soon will be enjoying their Christmas vacation!  

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Feliz Navidad 2019

Our Rancho Santa Marta family is ever changing.  Every Christmas picture there are missing faces and new faces.  The pattern continues this year as we have accepted new children and others have gone to their families or to a new “home”.  Some of our children have been here for a few years and others for many.  We love our Santa Marta family and the opportunities that God has given to us to invest Jesus in their lives.  We share our love to you by sending our smiling Christmas faces.  Thank you for your part in this ministry.  We pray you cherish the time with your family this coming Christmas and New Year season.  We never know how long we have to share our lives together.  Blessings to each and everyone, from your Santa Marta family.

Left to right,
Back Row: Sofia, Hector, Alejandra, Valentìn, David, Ernesto
Front Row: Abraham, Antonio, Saidth, Edgar, Marco Antonio, Ricardo, Mateo
Left to Right
Back Row: Jahazara, Monica, Aritchael, Angelina
Front Row: Fernanda, Iliana, Vianey, Esmeralda
Left to Right
Back Row: Juanita, Eva, Miriam, Daniela
Front Row: Andrè, Elena, Melissa, Dalia, Adrianna, Danna
Left to Right
Back Row: Martìn, Haniel, Miguel, Victor, Rùben
Middle Row: Emilia, Brayan, Francisco
Back Row: Eligio, Osiris, Mateo
Left to Right
Esmeralda, Cassandra, Guadalupe, Josephina, Elsa
Guadalupe, Lupita, Luz
Trevor, Lucy, Cameron
Left to Right
Back Row: Sam, Rocìo, Isaac, Rod, Hosea, Jonathon
Front Row: Reka, Tina, Carino
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Graduation in Mexico City!

We have established a pay scale for our teachers where years of experience and education are methods to improve your monthly income. This not only benefits them personally but also improves our school’s level of teaching methods because of lessons learned while earning their degrees or certificates. We have four teachers who are in the process and seven who have completed their Bachelor of Arts degree online. Their studies took over three years to complete. We are proud to announce that they have graduated and have received their titles. They could not have accomplished this without the help of our donating churches and individuals. Fair Oaks Presbyterian Church of the Sacramento area were very supportive of the financial needs of these teachers. We flew out to Mexico City to attend their graduation and officially complete their studies. Congratulations to Carolina, Arelia, David, Lucy, Cariño, Regina, and Elizabeth (not in photo) for their accomplishment.

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