Miracle at the Ranch! Living Waters

We had a special week with Living Waters Spanish group from the Portland,OR & Vancouver,WA area.  Here’s a note from them:

At the campfire on our last evening, team members called out things that had been accomplished during the week. One of them was of the multiplication of the chicken for a once-a-year, special dinner we were putting on for the RSM boys. The evening of the dinner, the kitchen crew had set the tables with the dinner, which was to include two pieces of chicken per plate, but sadly there were many plates that had no chicken or only 1 piece of chicken, because we were very short on chicken. This was odd, because the head chef for the night, Jodi, is practically a professional cook for large groups, and before the trip she had made very sure that there would be enough chicken for everyone for this special dinner. But, as it turned out, we were far short. All the chicken had been emptied from the oven and all the places set, but missing the 2 pieces per plate.

So, the kitchen crew began hustling to think of alternatives, such as peanut butter and jam sandwiches. In the midst of this mild panic, we heard that the RSM boys would be late in arriving to the dinner and, in wanting to keep the chicken warm, Jodi & Co. unset all of the plates and put the chicken back in the oven. Then one of the team members suggested that they pray for there to be enough chicken for everyone, which they did, over the closed oven.

When we were told the rancho boys were now on their way, we began setting all of the plates again… but this time, lo and behold, there was enough chicken. In fact, not only did all of the plates have the desired two pieces of chicken on them, there was a lot of extra pieces of chicken, as well! In fact, we had so much chicken that there were even leftovers—after many had gone back for a third or fourth piece of chicken. This was indeed a miracle, and everyone working on the food crew that evening witnessed it. We have an amazing God, who loves to bless His children!

Thank you and we hope to see you again next year! Blessings, Santa Marta family