Jeronimo, Reyna & Rebeca

Jeronimo and Reyna have been a part of our team for over 25 years. Reyna is an exceptional elementary teacher who has taught in many of the lower and upper elementary grades. Jeronimo is also involved in the school, teaching our junior high special education guys his masonry skills. He also is a vital part of our maintenance/construction team with the ongoing ranch projects. Now their daughter, Rebeca, has joined the Santa Marta team. She has studied to become a nurse and was employed in Ensenada for a couple years. She is in a transition phase right now and came to us to see if she could be of service to the ranch and school. We have always needed a nurse on our staff to tend to the ongoing first aid needs of the school and of our ranch children. She will keep our ranch children updated on vaccinations, make the necessary appointments in Ensenada, and tend to the ongoing physical needs that come up. During the school hours she will be the school nurse and also teach some biology courses. Welcome Rebeca and we are excited for her time with us.

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