Feliz Navidad 2019

Our Rancho Santa Marta family is ever changing.  Every Christmas picture there are missing faces and new faces.  The pattern continues this year as we have accepted new children and others have gone to their families or to a new “home”.  Some of our children have been here for a few years and others for many.  We love our Santa Marta family and the opportunities that God has given to us to invest Jesus in their lives.  We share our love to you by sending our smiling Christmas faces.  Thank you for your part in this ministry.  We pray you cherish the time with your family this coming Christmas and New Year season.  We never know how long we have to share our lives together.  Blessings to each and everyone, from your Santa Marta family.

Left to right,
Back Row: Sofia, Hector, Alejandra, Valentìn, David, Ernesto
Front Row: Abraham, Antonio, Saidth, Edgar, Marco Antonio, Ricardo, Mateo
Left to Right
Back Row: Jahazara, Monica, Aritchael, Angelina
Front Row: Fernanda, Iliana, Vianey, Esmeralda
Left to Right
Back Row: Juanita, Eva, Miriam, Daniela
Front Row: Andrè, Elena, Melissa, Dalia, Adrianna, Danna
Left to Right
Back Row: Martìn, Haniel, Miguel, Victor, Rùben
Middle Row: Emilia, Brayan, Francisco
Back Row: Eligio, Osiris, Mateo
Left to Right
Esmeralda, Cassandra, Guadalupe, Josephina, Elsa
Guadalupe, Lupita, Luz
Trevor, Lucy, Cameron
Left to Right
Back Row: Sam, Rocìo, Isaac, Rod, Hosea, Jonathon
Front Row: Reka, Tina, Carino