Feliz Navidad 2019

Christmas is such a special time for our children and the memories of last December 25 are still in their minds.  Most of our children have no contact with their parents or relatives so the only time they receive a wrapped gift is for Christmas and their birthday.  Gathering forty children/teens together to open gifts at the same time is an exhilarating experience!  The gifts that were sent were welcomed with open arms and smiling faces!  We want to thank the following churches, families and individuals who participated in blessing our children.  A huge thank you to:

  • Shepherd of the Hills Church
  • Calvary Assembly of God – Lomita
  • Rick & Diane Siegal Family
  • Allen & Becky Carlisle Family
  • Sarah & Mike Reilly & Friends
  • Friends of Friends for RSM
  • Gloria Perez of Upper Cervical Chiropractor of San Diego

Through your giving we had enough Christmas presents and birthday gifts for this coming year!