Crosspoint Community Church

Crosspoint Community Church from Modesto, CA, is the one and only group that comes down to the ranch in January to brave the unpredictable Baja California weather. They have been coming since 1989! One year there was so much rain that it washed the San Vicente bridge out and they had no way to get back to Modesto. They stayed over for several days so the water in the riverbed could lower and allow traffic to pass through.

This January we had sunny, cold days  until the rain showed up at the end of their week. The orchard crew was able to get their work done with the peach trees though and the rest of the work was indoors or under the new gymnasium shelter. Corey and Bonnie finished cleaning and doctoring all the children’s teeth at the Home. Always a full-time job. Debbie was able to cut, style and beautify all our children and staff’s hair. Even teach a few haircutting lessons to our young stylist student, Lupita. Thank you Crosspoint for your continued service at Rancho Santa Marta. We will see you next January! Rod & Tina P.S.  Special thank you to Greg and Nicole Amweg, Rod & Tina’s nephew and niece, for donating their kitchen cabinets. Lucy was thrilled when the group “remodeled” her kitchen with those cabinets!



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