Baja Beach Bash

Cameron Steele and Johnny Campbell are big names in the Baja Score1000 racing circuit. Cameron Steele races a trophy truck and Johnny Campbell won the race 11 times on a Honda motorcycle. Cameron’s father is a friend of Bill Lawrence and has been a supporter of the ministry for many years. Because of that relationship Cameron has been a “conduit” of fund raising and awareness for Santa Marta. He and Johnny Campbell now are on their 8th Baja Beach Bash run where they lead 40 – 50 motorcycle riders around the Baja California terrain.

This year they started at the ranch and cooked up a bar-b-que for our kids and the riders. Each year they raise funds for the ranch and this year they passed the $100,000 dollar mark! Praise the Lord for how He uses others to bring in the funds for this ministry. These funds allow us to stay out of the red during the lower giving months and make our financial commitments of food, clothes, salaries, utilities and building materials for the home and school. Thank you to all of those who participated in this fund raising event.

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