Baja Beach Bash 2019

The Baja Beach Bash crew of Cameron Steele, Johnny Campbell, Ken and Gene Neal, Chilly White, Mark Moss and the entire Desert Assassins, JCR/Honda and Bullet Proof Diesel families have organized their 11th trip this summer for the support of Rancho/Colegio Santa Marta. These guys have a love for Baja, both the people and the terrain. The off-road community comes together for a fun four-day motorcycle ride and at the same time investing their funds to support the ongoing projects and children’s needs at Santa Marta. We love to share our home with them as they eat their first lunch together and head out for their adventure ride.
Thank you to all who donated and we would love to have you visit whenever you pass your way through Baja California.
Blessings from your Baja Fan Club,
Rancho Santa Marta