Agustin and Alejandro

Agustin and Alejandro have both graduated from our special education program. Alejandro is 22 years old and has worked with our maintenance/construction/agriculture workers for three years. He has learned many skills and we felt it was time for him to become independent of the ranch. He has two sisters, Veronica, who also has left the ranch and has married and Guadalupe who is currently at the ranch helping out in the school and studying an online course to become a pre-school teacher. Alejandro will be living in San Vicente and working in the agriculture fields in the area. His sister Veronica is also in town and will be the Big Sister to watch over him.

Agustin just recently graduated from our school and has also been working at the ranch learning the different trades. He has two sisters and a brother who are under the ranch’s care still. Maria is studying in Ensenada to become a lawyer and she is willing to take Agustin under her care. She has already found him a job where she works and will also find a place for him to live. Agustin is ready for a change and is looking forward to the challenges he will encounter in Ensenada.

Both these young men have learning difficulties but have learned to overcome them and they feel confident about who they are and what they want to do in life. We thank you for being a part of molding them into the kind gentlemen that they have become, whether it was personally getting to know them here, praying for them or giving resources to Santa Marta to enable the ministry to invest in their lives.



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