Who We Are

Purpose Statement

RSM is a Christ-centered home for at risk and special need Mexican children, youth and adults with disabilities that provides a safe and loving environment as well as a Christian school  allowing them to develop:

  • Physically – core needs of food, shelter, and medical attention;
  • Emotionally – proper counseling and nurturing; discipline and emotional healing;
  • Socially – provide opportunities for positive social interaction;
  • Spiritually – train, equip and model a Christian walk that wants to reach others for Christ;
  • Educationally – student-orientated, hands-on education with a life-skills focus

Faith Statement

What is Rancho Santa Marta?

Rancho Santa Marta is a non-denominational Evangelical Christian Ministry for needy Mexican children. Our Mission and Vision is to expand the reach of the Gospel in our region of Mexico by meeting the needs for these children-at-risk. We provide this primarily on our 450-acre ranch property near San Vicente, a town 130 miles south of San Diego on the Baja California peninsula. Our two foundational programs are a home for homeless, orphaned or abused children, and a kindergarten, elementary, junior high and high school with a special education mainstreaming program for children with learning disabilities.

Our School

Our special education K-9th grade school with a capacity of 240 students, serves the children of our home and the surrounding communities. The school provides a platform for us to reach out to the nearby communities by showing these families that we care for them and their children. We provide hope for both the student and the parents with regards to their education. Many of our students come from public schools where they are mistreated and put down. Our school offers them a safe haven where they are able to have the freedom to learn, opening opportunities for us to share Christ with their families.

Our Home

Our home, for up to 50 children and youth, provides a safe, stable and caring environment, where they can learn about and experience the love of Christ, enabling them to develop socially, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Our focus is on the children and teenagers that God brings into our gates, to raise them to have that genuine desire to serve God. For many of our children, our ministry is their first experience with genuine love, trust, and stability, enabling them to understand that each one of them has been created special by God and with unique value.


300 children, some of which are special needs, receive an education in a positive and nurturing environment.


50 needy, orphaned or abused children have a safe, warm and loving place to call home with leaders who care and show them the love of God.


Every Sunday the children join others from the surrounding community for worship and the word at the Ranch Chapel.


Youth from other orphanages and nearby communities experience an annual summer “Trade-School Camp” where they learn life-long skills.


For youth graduating from our school who continue their education, we provide a home in Ensenada.


The Ranch is a place that welcomes groups from all over.  They help with a variety of work projects and we love having them!

Help us accomplish our mission!